Ecos Del Mundo mix (Live)

‘This incredible producer uncovers the heart of Central and South America crafted into world class downtempo, leading body and mind to a dance in which rhythms and songs from all over the world are welcome.

For this special ecos del mundo collaboration, he gifted us with a live set which is a beautiful journey to not only the place where these styles of music were born, but to the core spirit they emanate.

“El son jarocho es una fiesta comunitaria, no es -compras tu boleto, te sientas y ya ves la función-, sino es algo donde tú vas a participar activamente, y todos están conviviendo, los pobres con los ricos, los gordos con los flacos. El fandango hizo lo que no pudo hacer ni Marx, ni Lenin; abatir las clases sociales”
Bustamante, 1991

No problems, only solutions.’

-Tepeme Música (Mx)

The project ‘Aldea Mundial’ resulted in an album and an experimental documentary film, following a journey of musical investigation for Latin America.  Through collaborations with around 40 traditional folk musicians (including members of the Gaiteros de San Jacinto and the Buena Vista Social Club) and community leaders, the phenomenon of Globalization is questioned and other voices and perspectives from the many distinct peoples of the Americas are shared and amplified.

The film has been shown in festivals and independent movie theaters in Chile, the US, Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica, and has received prizes from Cortos Psicoactivos and the Colorado Activism Film Fest.

Revista Shock said that: ‘Michael Alfred Wagner is the genius behind Biomigrant, a musical project that began with a backpacking trip for various countries in Central and South America, that, thanks to the events of the odyssey, he turned into Aldea Mundial, a vast and sleek audiovisual record of the hidden local traditions.