Workshops/Sound Art

In Colombia Michael has led workshops exploring sound, focused on new production tools like Ableton Live, colective creation, and concepts of Identity and Territory through exercises of field recording. These workshops have taken place in independent cultural centers (Ciudad Movil/ Cartagena and Matamba/Bucaramanga), Indigenous Ethnoeducation Schools (Yurayaco), and neighborhoods of Medellín and Apartadó (with Comfama). In Mexico he has given masterclasses focused on music production.

ALDEA MUNDIAL (music documentary)

Aldea Mundial was an album, documentary, and audiovisual show following a musical journey through 6 countries of Latin America, exploring the relation between traditional music styles and cosmovisions dealing with themes of death, sistems of value, grieving, consumerism, globalization, language, and community. The documentary was shown in film festivals, cultural centers, and during a bike tour through Mexico and Belize.

Sound Installations with Leonel Vasquez

He has also worked extensively with the Colombian sound artist Leonel Vásquez, creating audio content for works including trees that tell the story of victims of violence to their families, a floating wooden dome that resonates with the sounds of traditional lullabies and waters of Colombia, a boat with a sound system that amplifies the cause of Chilean artisan fisherman, vibrating wooden beds that pass sound directly through the bones of the listener, and a DJ performance using gramophones to mix antique Colombian music.