'For a while now I've been listening to the music of multi-instrumentalist Michael Alfred Wagner better known as BIOMIGRANT.
Fascinated by his sound, which he defines as "electronica, roots music and soundscapes" and in which he integrates traditional instruments and collaborations with various musicians from different regions, we at HILANDO STORIES invited him to an exclusive interview, because we believe it is important to get to know talent that is experimenting and creating through communion between the traditional world of native peoples and the contemporary one.' 
(translated from Spanish)

Article about ‘Cantos, Sueños, Sol y
Sombra in Shock:

'This new project reveals the producer and musician, it is an intimate exercise that was born from scarcity in the south of the continent. Cantos, sueños, sol y sombra is an album that once again unites representatives from Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba and Argentina.
"I hope that there are people who connect with the album and it helps them, above all I think that the album was born from a personal need to cope with tough situations and make sense of them, I feel that in general its dedicated the possibility that music gives us to transform pain into movement, joy and strength" concludes
(translated from Spanish)

Article in Indie Rocks:
Experimentaciones electrónicas a
grito de cumbia.

After leaving some human artifact deep in any natural setting, we should not be surprised to find it, years later, wrapped in the flora and fauna that only surrounded it before. Nature advances by making everything it touches its own; the roots will break through, forming cracks, the rain will soften each texture until it becomes a hillside, being at the mercy of the elements it transforms in an infinitely natural way and sound does not seem to be the exception. Biomigrant portrays that change within the melodic world after allowing himself to be invaded by the folklore in which he lives.
(translated from Spanish)

CASSETTE BLOG on ‘Las Américas’

So, yes, "Las Américas" is an album that we can frame within the folktronica / organic house scene, but that is composed from the trips, the encounters, the emotions and the surprises that Michael found in his travels. This seems very important to me to highlight, because in the midst of today's world music / esoteric / mystical fashion, a scene that I have witnessed grow and evolve from within, it is not so common to find people who speak from the personal truth, that they are really interested in the colors that the world has to the point of committing themselves with those who are their main and original owners.
(translated from Spanish)

Radiónica on ‘La Muerte’

Manuel Antonio 'Toño' García is one of the most prominent folk artists in Colombia, after the death of Mañe Mendoza, Toño joined Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, and won a Latin Grammy for the album Un fuego de sangre pura (2006), which has become a reference of the genre.
During his stay in San Jacinto, maestro Toño taught Michael the song 'Conmigo Nadie se Meta', written by Nando Coba which inspired Michael to create 'La Muerte', a reinterpretation of this song with Toño's voice and the Gaitas of Fredys, a student of maestro Manuel Antonio.
The income received from Biomigrant's La Muerte (remixes) project will be delivered to Toño García, so that the maestro can take care of his health and support himself in San Jacinto.
(translated from Spanish)

Article about the musical documentary ‘Aldea Mundial’

Beyond the informative content that a documentary can have, "Aldea Mundial" has artistic and even sociocultural value. Wagner, on his journey through Latin America and the Caribbean, became involved musically with the people of each region to reinterpret and create pieces of their folklore. But there is something else: he also explored the emotional part, so to speak, of those territories, using music as a pretext and, coming to touch on various aspects that concern everyone: mourning, wealth, language, all this from the idiosyncrasy of each town; revealing what it means to them and how they live it.
(translated from Spanish)

Revista Shock on ‘Aldea Mundial’

Michael Alfred Wagner, better known as Mike, is the genius behind Biomigrant, a musical project that began with a backpacking trip through different countries of Central and
South America, and which, thanks to what happened during this odyssey, became Aldea Mundial: a vast and meticulous audiovisual record of remote local traditions.

Interview in in-flight magazine of Viva Air