Biomigrant is the musical expression of producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Alfred Wagner. Born in the US, in 2014 he crossed Central America by bicycle, arriving in Colombia, a major influence on his current projects. With his mix of digital beats production, live instrumentation, traditional Latin American music, and field recordings he has brought joy and surprises to dance floors across the Americas and Europe. He explores sound as a medium to relive and share powerful moments and perspectives, and believes that through music and dance even the most painful experiences can be channeled into something beautiful.

He has shared stages with artists including Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Matanza, Chancha Via Circuito, Boombox, Uproot Andy y Dandara, playing venues like Festival Nomade (Chile, Colombia), Corona Summer Fest (Chile), Kater Blau (Berlin), Querétaro Experimental (México), Mérida Fest (México), Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala), Burningman (USA), y Festivals Kometa (Latvia).

He frequently collaborates with other musicians in the studio and on stage. He is currently premiering a new collaboration, El Monte Adentro, as a trio with musicians from Xalapa, México; Edwin Bandala Mayo (Los Aguas Aguas) and Helio Martín Del Campo (Sonex), exploring Son Jarocho from the perspective of electronica. Their debut album together, Voz Emplumada, arrived on platforms on March 3.

Contact: Biomigrant@gmail.com