BIOMIGRANT Electronica, Roots Music, and Natural Soundscapes


Biomigrant is the musical expression of producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Alfred Wagner.  Born in the US, in 2014 he crossed Central America in bicycle, arriving to Colombia where he currently lives.

With a Live Set that mixes vocals, flute, Colombian gaita, and trumpet with loops of traditional musicians and natural soundscapes recorded during travels through Latin America, and electronic productions drawing on influences from Global Bass, Downtempo, Dub, and Organic House, Biomigrant has brought joy and surprise to international dancefloors and events such as:

Festival Nomade (Colombia, Chile), Voodoohop na Cachoeira (Brazil), Festival Dos Tierras (México), Festival Kometa (Latvia), Kater Blau (Germany), Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala), Taka Tuka (Hungary), y Corona Summer Festival (Chile)

Sharing stages with artists including Matanza, Chancha Via Circuito, Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Dandara, and Uproot Andy.

The magazine THUMP stated that Biomigrant ‘Recovers, with his sound, the heart of Central and South America, in which wind instruments and African drums are the protagonists, brought into a downtempo style inviting rhythms and songs from throughout the world into the dance.’

Live, he performs solo, as well as with special guest musicians such as the Mexican percussionist Arnulfo Mancera, and the Colombian singer Criss Cortés.